Working At Patricia Nash Designs

Management is always there for your support. You need to be a self motivated. Need to have excellent customer service skills. Get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox. @OfCourseJust go to Patricia’s website or Google Patricia Nash bag registration.

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I appreciate the threads on these bags. I wouldn’t have bought them without reading that original thread. I’m finally to the point where I will never buy a bag that’s not 100% leather. This business about straps, trim, and bottom of the bag being faux is outrageous. The leather still looks good, but these faux parts are simply not durable enough to last.

The leather strap is so sturdy, and the bag itself is small and structured- great for a day out or daily use. The inside is perfect for orderly keeping of your wallet, phone, and planner. The structured sides are perfect- you’ll never go diving into the bottom of your bag again. Plus, there are two pockets inside that are perfect for keys, change, or other small objects you like to keep easily accessible. And, my favorite feature is the snap that secures the the flap to the purse itself. I accidentally sent the purse crashing down my steps, filled with my wallet, phone, pens, spare change, and various lip balms and absolutely nothing came out!

She works there to perfect the leathers, hand-burnishing, hand-staining, hand-lacing, hand-braiding, until the design is perfect. Stepping into Nash’s office space at the Patricia Nash Designs showroom in Knoxville is an intimate, overwhelming glimpse into the mind of an artist. Vintage handbags from all over the world sit on the table, fabrics hang on the wall and hand-drawn sketches are pinned into a cork board.

Shoes and bags take a lot of stress with consistent use. They like to label the product as leather and then put the details in the product description. @1ProfessorI’m not surprised to hear that the brown TS bag is gorgeous. I loved it, but I don’t wear brown and my entire wardrobe of shoes and clothes are geared toward black/gray bags. The vintage appeal of that bag to me was huge.

When you get to the registration page just enter the information. The style of the bag/info you need is at the bottom of the card. I was not sure what was going on today- the cute shoes I ordered were super squeaky too!