My Dagne Dover Bag

Y’all know I love me some Madewell in general,… Target Spring Finds You’ll Want to Add to Cart If you’ve been to Target lately or scrolled through their clothing section online, you’ve probably seen some of the CUTE pieces they’ve got this season. I am OBSESSED with some of the sandals I’m seeing this spring so I wanted to round them all up in a blog post…

To be honest, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, and if I was regularly hauling around a lot of things, it still would have been perfect. Eventually, however, I found it to be too big for my everyday use. I was thrilled with the resale value it had on Poshmark, so overall, a fabulous investment!

dagne dover review

The padded straps keep my shoulders comfortable, and the firm shape keeps everything inside evenly distributed, so I’m not risking an achy back by carrying this bag. Overall, I’ve been happy with my purchase—so much so that I’m already eyeing the beloved Dagne Dover gym bag. Backpacks aren’t for everyone, but if you can’t give up the utility of these great bags, this option is a reliable pick that won’t make you feel underdressed. Tired of always digging for your keys or losing your favorite lipstick in the black hole you call a handbag? Dagne Dover carries a stylish selection of totes, duffels, laptop cases, carry-on bags, and more to help you bring some organization into your life. With a reliable bag slung across your shoulder , you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

The bag does zip closed but I rarely close it. The shoulder straps are the perfect length and it fits on your shoulder well. It’s the easiest way to keep track of your keys in this deep of a bag. TheTote, their largest bag has plenty of space for your laptop, tablet, water bottle, and more. In my post, I am carrying the Dagne DoverMini Tote.

Soft, pebbled, elegant leather, gorgeous thick rose gold hardware.. It all adds weight of course, but my goodness. It is the tallest of all the bags because it fits the laptop standing upright rather than on its side.