Lowepro Protactic Bp 450 Aw Ii Camera And Laptop Backpack

These can be easily configured to hold a camera body with a lens attached. You won’t be keeping massive lenses attached, but it could handle up to a medium-sized prime or zoom. The shoulder straps are nice and comfortable, easily adjustable, and stay secure on your shoulders when you walk. The chest clip and waist strap also really help relieve some of the weight of carrying such a large kit on your back. Some shoots depend on a couple of full-frame DSLRs, a selection of lenses, two tripods and more besides. To those questions, I would answer that the ProTactic is the most comfortable camera bag I’ve worn yet.

lowepro protactic 450 aw ii review

It slips through one of the horizontal straps on the bag, and then velcros to the pouch on one side and then a little flap on the other for extra security. There are two more zip-up pouches at the top of the bag, one on each side, although you can’t really fit much in these. One has a little hook inside it for attaching your keys, but both are a fairly tight fit. Perhaps travel documents, or a map if you’re out hiking in the middle of nowhere to shoot photos. Around 16 years ago, I got a Tamrac Cyberpack 6, which I love and it’s served me well over the years. I’ve bought and borrowed other backpacks in the intervening years, but invariably I’ve hated them for one reason or another.

I have had no problems or reservations about EDC-ing this . Please note, this service contract must be purchased/registered within 30 days from the date the equipment is purchased. Once purchased, you will receive an email with instruction on how to register your warranty. Protection plans include standard coverage as well coverage for malfunctions due to accidental damage from handling .

I’ve re-shaped it for many different kits and groups of accessories, and it’s been wonderful. I must say, though, I didn’t use the outer elastic straps all that often. They have enough give and enough space to hold a surprising number of extra accessories, but I found I could always get everything I needed inside the bag.

Inside of this flap, you’ll find additional storage with a zippered pouch and a small elastic pouch that can hold a memory card or two. Then there’s a tiny zipped pocket at the bottom of the camera backpack, where your weatherproof cover is stored so you can put that on it if you are traveling wet somewhere. I used the Manfrotto street camera bag which holds only 1 cam and a lens, and half of it are space where I put my lunch and drinks and another lens and power bank, laptop, tissue, rain coat, emergency kits, and spare FFP2 mask. The top-loaders, lens changes, utility bags, and other accessories can all be mounted onto the attachment loops on any of the Protactic bags, as well as the stand-alone Protactic Utility Belt. Both size variants can fit a body with an attached mm telephoto both vertically and horizontally. The bigger variant, however, can accommodate for even longer telephoto lenses, or a mm with the hood extended outwards.

There are 3 small accessory pouches on the front of the laptop flat. You can put small things like filters and memory cards in here but there isn’t much room for anything that is bulkier. Measuring 30x18x47cm and weighing 2.12 kg when empty, the ProTactic 350 AW II Modular is ideally sized to be used as carry-on luggage.

Removable utility belt holds up to 16 SlipLock compatible accessories when adjusted to 40”. Adaptive interior plus expanded exterior attachment capabilities and accessories so you can organize and carry everything you need. I especially love how it’s fairly easy to get add-on bags from the army surplus shop, perfect for food and additional clothing. Not all bags can be as useful for every shooting situation. However, this expansive camera bag system just might have covered most, if not all. Each of the accessories attaches using a double velcro strap.

Even though it’s substantially protective for gear, the bag is actually fairly lightweight. When it’s empty, the ProTactic only weighs 5.72 pounds, which isn’t bad for a backpack its size. The ProTactic 450 could potentially be accepted as a carry-on bag for travel. The current TSA guidelines for carry-on bag sizes is 9 x 14 x 22 inches. Even though the backpack measures slightly larger in some dimensions, specific airlines might still allow it.