Fjällräven Kånken Mini Backpack Review

Since they’re such little bags, it doesn’t add much weight and frankly, I wouldn’t mind if they were filled with cinder blocks as long as the whining stopped. Fjallraven has used a Vinylon F, and the bag is weather resistant throughout so there is added security for your laptop and gear. The material is also fluorocarbon free as an added environmental bonus.

kanken review

We have not had the bag long enough to determine long term durability, but from reviews online, it seems to be able to withstand daily use and zipper opening and closing. There are two side pockets to handle water bottles or umbrellas. Along the front, there is a boxy pocket that has its own dimension, so you are not compromising interior space with the items that are put in the front pocket.

I’ve had my Fjallraven Kanken for a little over a year now. I initially bought it because I wanted a good backpack that I could use everyday and I really liked the squared-off design. Now that I’ve had the backpack for a while, I thought I would do a follow up post to let you know what I think of my Fjallraven Kanken backpack one year later. I’ve read a few of your reviews so far, and I’m always happy with the information that you provide.

We’ve found this compartment also works well with Fjallraven Kanken Photo Insert. If you’re into photography, this cube can come in super handy for storing your camera gear on days out. I actually have two of them, one 16 l classic and a slightly bigger one with a laptop compartment . Honestly, the only improvement I’d make on the backpack is to include a few more compartments, as it only has four- two side pockets, one big compartment and one small in front. Fjällräven website begs you to not put a laptop in the original Kånken, to avoid strain on the straps and zippers.

We appreciate that this will fit, however, we’ve read several reviews that state very thick 15-inch laptops won’t fit inside the pocket. The thin straps don’t have much going for them in terms of support if you’re carrying a heavier load. Thankfully, since the backpack is on the smaller side, it’s not likely you’ll be carrying around something bulky or heavy, so the thinner straps might not be much of a problem. The Fjällräven Kanken Laptop Backpack incorporates some key features for comfortable usability.

The Fjallraven Kanken backpack opens up via a two-way zipper which exposes the entire main compartment, including the laptop compartment. It also combines with the rain flap attached to provide added protection from the rain. Aside from the main bag itself, there is a zippered pocket on the front and an open pocket running the length of one side. Both are great for little kid stuff like crayons, small water bottles, stuffed animals and the like. The main compartment opens quite amply to give great access to your books or lunch.