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It has many handy compartments, but the zipper drops down deeply on each side, which means items will fall out if the bag is overpacked. Because you’ll be schlepping this bag from place to place, you want it to be easy to pack into a car. And when it’s not in use, you’ll want a bag that you can stuff into a closet or sit on a shelf in your baby’s room without taking up too much space. There’s nothing more annoying than having to take everything out of your diaper bag in order to find that one item you’re looking for.

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The case for buying a new diaper bag might seem to rest on style, but there are some compelling reasons to have a dedicated bag. The main compartment of this well-organized pack has a distinctive zip top that opens wide and stays open for easy access. The length of the tote straps on the updated bag may also be challenging for some parents. Larger adults may find that the tote straps are too short, so they can’t easily sling the bag over their shoulder. Meanwhile, petite parents (5-foot-3 and shorter) are likely to find that the bag drags on the ground when they hold it as a tote. We also miss the hip strap that the original bag had to distribute its load; the adjustable sternum strap, even on its lowest setting, tends to ride high on the chest.

Dr. Spurrier has used multiple bags throughout the years and strongly believes that organization is key and more important than style. Senior Review Editor, Wendy Schmitz, is a mom of two that got locked into a pricey bag her husband liked that was far too heavy for her to carry. After a year of frustration and shoulder pain, she realized there had to be something better out there. Abriah Wofford is a Senior Review Editor with 6 years of testing experience with BabyGearLab and many more years of hands-on use as a nanny and older sister to 5. All three women are driven to find quality bags that make trips with a baby easier and help keep all the supplies you need close and easy to find.

If you can’t fold things to save your life, The Baby Loovi still a pretty manageable changing pad without the pouch. It isn’t as cushioning on hard surfaces as the DaffaDoot, but it’s much better than your average changing pad and easier to carry around. We also tested the Baby Loovi change pad, an even bigger pad than the DaffaDoot at 25 by 31 inches. It’s easy to wipe down after any sort of messy encounter with a leaky diaper. The Maman – Designer Tote is putting all their style-eggs in the quilted-jacket basket, and it works pretty well.

You’d never guess this backpack is faux leather from looking at it, but it is and it’s water-resistant! The interior lining is wipeable and is loaded with pockets for storage and a changing pad. There are also a few exterior zip pockets and side pouches for things you need quick and easy access to and you can opt to carry the bag as a backpack, shoulder bag, or crossbody bag. Simplemost MediaContrary to its name, the diaper bag holds much more than just diapers. How do you know what to pack in your diaper bag so you’re covered no matter what you need?

You can carry the bag by the top handle or use the adjustable straps to carry it as a backpack. We prefer products with a light-colored interior and a wide opening so you can see and access contents easily. We feel bags with deep interiors, narrow openings, and dark linings are akin to locating items in a black hole. It doesn’t matter how many pockets a bag offers if you can’t see the supplies or quickly find what you need. It is helpful to have a few zippered pockets, open pouches, and 1 or 2 insulated compartments to keep milk warm or cool.

The Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack has plenty of space to store baby’s, or your own, necessities by providing several pockets on the inside and outside of the backpack. For a budget-friendly option, we recommend the Ruvalino Diaper Bag Backpack. You don’t strictly need a designated diaper bag to leave the house with your child, but having a fully stocked bag ready to go can certainly make it easier to get out the door and change your kid on the go.

It’s machine washable and designed to hold just the essentials; you can also adjust it for wearing it as a crossbody bag, or you can open it and attach it to the handlebar of a stroller with built-in Velcro straps. However, you will need to repack the bag for it to transition from stroller organizer to fanny pack and vice versa. For instance, when it’s opened up as a stroller organizer, the internal pocket dividers allow you to securely store a bottle upright. But if you want to take that bottle with you and zip up the fanny pack, you have to reposition the bottle on its side.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents store heavy items like diaper bags in the basket under the stroller rather than hanging them on the handlebars. Consider how many pockets the diaper bag features to give you an idea of what you can fit inside. You especially want a diaper bag with a large capacity in case you need to travel or pack extra clothes and toys.

For life beyond diapers, we like the Mark & Graham Mercer Convertible Backpack. It has classic good looks, and the leather shoulder handles give it an upscale touch. The roomy, versatile bag also includes clip-on straps that transform it into a backpack.